About Partyshoe


About Us

With our Partyshoe sneakers, you will be the centre of attention in the club! Comfortable sneakers in white, black, gold and silver featuring a multicolour sole. By means of a button on the inside of each shoe, you are able to switch the sole into eight different colors. With a USB charging cable, you can recharge the shoes within a few hours!

You can purchase these affordable Partyshoe sneakers for just €64,95 on our webshop. You can use the shoes for up to 5-8 hours, after which they can be recharged.

The Partyshoe is the perfect sneaker for a dance party, techno party or a regular night out with your friends!


General Questions

The battery of our Partyshoes lasts for 5-8 hours, so you can party all night long!

It takes only 6 hours to fully recharge the battery. Do this while recovering from your night out so the Partyshoes are ready for the next one.

You can recharge the battery using the USB cable which is send together with your Partyshoes.

We recommend you to take the bigger size. For example if you are doubting between size 5 and 5,5 we recommend you to take 5,5.

Partyshoes have a regular sneaker fitting shape.

Shipping Questions

We ship to all EU countries Norway, Switzerland.

Depending on your country, your order will arrive between 2-7 working days from the day of shipping.

Using our tracking system, you are able to see the status and whereabouts of your order are at any time.

Shipping for orders over €50,- is free.

For orders below €50,- we charge €9,95 shipping costs.

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